Article by Savion Johnson & Photography by Brendan Flanagan | Owl Staff

The Havre de Grace Fitness Center invites the community to improve themselves.

Self-esteem, mental and physical health, time management, and goal setting. Fitness can improve all of these qualities and more. Pursuing fitness goals can often guide people to a place, such as the Havre de Grace Fitness Center, where they’re able to form bonds with others who are working on the exact same goals.

“One of the best things about my job is being able to see old faces that I used to see in school pop up [at] the gym,” states local community member and founder of Havre de Grace Fitness Center, Kim Peters.

Peters first started helping out at Havre de Grace Middle School with the special education classes, forming bonds with students along the way. Now, she is a welcoming figure to the community, giving them a space to pursue their personal goals.

“It makes me feel good to see people do the healthier things in life and be able to see them grow.”

Peters has personal training sessions and group training classes that happen on a day-to-day basis to suit all fitness needs. If someone needs that extra motivation or is new to the fitness life, Peters and her team are available to guide and assist throughout their journey.

“It makes me feel good to see people do the healthier things in life and be able to see them grow,” says Peters. Peters has a strong passion for her job and wants to see everyone succeed.

“The gym should not be a chore, it is a privilege,” states Peters. “There are many people who cannot workout or go to a gym due to complications or underlying conditions. I believe more people should take advantage of the gift that God gave them, run with it, and see where you go.”

Every member of the center can feel Peters’ presence and energy from the moment they enter. When taking Peters’ classes, everyone will be pushed to better themselves and to do things that they never thought they could. Peters’ energy gives everyone a reason to come back and do it all again which can be felt throughout the whole fitness center.

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