Photography by Jeremiah Jackson | Owl Staff

Every year, HCC’s APGFCU Arena is the host of Transcendent Events’ Stellar Con, an event held to unite pop culture fans.

Hundreds of people gather to celebrate everything pop culture.

People of all ages come out to experience this event.

Many people, known as vendors, decide to sell merchandise and custom art at this event.

A lot of people choose to show up in costume, representing their favorite characters or series.

Some vendors have a specific theme for their pop-up stores, like trading cards and figurines.

Cosplayers put a lot of time and effort into creating their look.

Outside, a variety of themed vehicles were showcased.

Many cosplayers participate in the annual cosplay contest held at the event.

Vendors have a variety of ways to showcase their merchandise for potential buyers.

Ending the day with the cosplay contest, winners received various prizes.

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