Photo Series by Brendan Hester | Owl Staff

Every year, fans gather together to celebrate Asian pop culture at Otakon, a convention held in Washington D.C.

Cosplayers meet up for a group shot in front of an Otakon backdrop.

Cosplayers use a variety of materials to construct their own costumes.

The game room features many machines, from classic arcade games to a subway simulator.

Hair spray, face paint, and a lot of effort went into creating this look.

There are also many displays throughout the venue, like this truck.

Cosplayers can choose from wigs, hats, and even full headpieces to complete their look.

This large-scale Macross figure catches the eyes of many who walk by.

Some people choose to plan cosplays together, like different versions of the same character.

While the original focus for Otakon was Asian pop-culture, many different fandoms are represented at the convention.

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