Article by Brendan Flanagan | Owl Staff

Meet Tracy Smith, who will be teaching Intro to Journalism at HCC this semester!

This semester, Intro to Journalism will be taught by former Owl Magazine staff member Tracy Smith. Owl Media asked her a few questions about her return to HCC.

“To return to HCC as a teacher this semester is going to be exciting,” shares Smith. “Getting a chance to come back and work with students and be on the different side of the desk is going to be really exciting for me, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Smith was a former staff member for Owl Magazine when she was a student. She reflects on how that helped further her passion for journalism.

“My journalism background really began at HCC because I knew that I loved writing and it was a way to incorporate meeting others, investigating, learning, & exploring my curiosity with topics.”

Smith wrote “Sunday Scrimmage: Skating with the Hazard County Hellions” for Owl Magazine’s Fall 2015 issue.

“I went to one of their practices…these women were fierce. I had so much fun interviewing them and I thought: ‘does this really matter to them?’ Once the article was published, I went to one of their roller derby games to support them. They had the magazine featured, they were so excited to see me.” Smith mentions how the experience meant a lot to the entire team.

Smith hopes to inspire students taking her course to get out there and tell their stories.

“I really hope to get the students excited about writing and build into them a curiosity to learn about others and recognize that everyone’s story is important. People should get a chance to tell their story, whatever it’s about, and they have a role in that.”

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