Article & Photography by Brendan Flanagan | Owl Staff

A side view of a building on HCC’s campus, a symbol of perseverance and possibility to many who attend.

There are people throughout history who made historic accomplishments that still guide us to this day. However, there are some who were never recognized for their achievements despite their significance. These people become unsung heroes, those who never got the chance to fully shine. In honor of these unsung heroes, Owl Media ventured onto HCC’s campus and asked students to tell us who their unsung heroes are.

“The first person who comes to mind is my mother,” Computer Science major Joshua Mabonga tells us. “She pretty much raised us on her own. She had her own goals to achieve, but she had to make sure we achieved our goals as well.”

Gabe Miller, part of the Nursing Program at HCC, also thinks of his mother. “Moms in general, they’re always just doing all this stuff, helping us out…she really helped me get through a lot of classes that I would really struggle with. I feel like they don’t always get the appreciation they deserve.”

“He blocks out the haters and keeps moving forward, that’s what I love the most about him.”

HCC alumni Trevor Minervino states that the “first thing that came to mind was a hockey player, Paul Kariya. He wasn’t the major, big superstar player, but he always came out with the clutch plays.”

“Christiano Ronaldo,” states Mass Communications major Jeremiah Jackson. “Ronaldo, to me, he builds up character. People talk down to him, he gets back up. He blocks out the haters and keeps moving forward, that’s what I love the most about him.”

“I think anyone who works in the animal industry is an unsung hero,” says Summer Grace. “It’s very inspiring because they’re so good at their jobs and they’re so great at managing clients…there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes. People just think ‘oh, I’m going to adopt a kitten,’ but they don’t see how much work really goes into it.”

The world is filled with people that inspire us to keep moving forward, regardless of how many people know who they are or what they do. Anyone can be an unsung hero. All it takes is one person to see it.

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