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If you enjoy videography, design, photography, or writing, then MC-208: Multimedia Journalism I is for you.

MC-208 is only offered in the spring. Although it is a part of the journalism track, it’s offered to all HCC students. Not only does it satisfy a general elective credit, but it also transfers to all four-year institutions.

Over the course of the semester, I’ve improved my writing, designing, videography, and photography skills. I’ve also improved my critical eye, as a big part of multimedia focuses on critiquing, editing, and learning from peers and previous work. We spent a lot of time reviewing and revisiting old videos and articles so we can improve our content in the future.

We had several guest speakers this semester, all of which helped mentor us and push us to reach our full potential. In addition, most of our classes consisted of hands-on experience and practicing with professional equipment.

We learned how to conduct a proper interview, use a camcorder and camera, and create content for Owl Media’s social media platforms. We were also able to execute these skills in real time, with our class production assignments. These consisted of a staff spotlight, flyer design, photo assignment, group video, production lab, and a marketing and recruitment project.

Professor Brown was nothing but supportive the entire semester. Just let her know your passions, and she will point you in the right direction.

As you continue to navigate your years at HCC, consider taking Multimedia Journalism I.

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