Photo Series by Isabella Toppi | Owl Media

Sometimes memories are forgotten, lost from your mind, but sometimes you can catch the essence of a time or an event in an item that can always remember for you, the melancholy reflection of the past can always help calm the spirit.

This backpack and its attachments hold many memories of my College career so far, the backpack has empty space remaining to hold more memory items.

This trampoline reminds me of my experiences doing yard work, and the times I’d sit outside at night watching eclipses and decompressing after a long day.

This tree house was a large part of my childhood, reminds me of my time ziplining from it and eating lunch with my friends. It was built by my late grandfather, He helped my brother and me to make the structure and is one of the few memories I retain of him now.

These items hold the memories of my years in elementary school, my time in the Cub Scouts, playing rec soccer, and my first arts and crafts project.

An important part of my life is my favorite hobby: Video Games. By holding on to the disk jackets, I can recall the experience of playing the different games. This shelf holds my favorite games on display for me to always remember them.

These games retain the things I would play on road trips, retaining the memories of both playing the games and the road trip itself.

The broken game controllers retain the time when I used those controllers, not just the games I played with them, but the other things that happened at that time in my life too.

At the end of my high school drama class, everyone got an animal balloon, and it reminds me of my drama classmates and the performances I did when I took the class.

These game consoles hold the various memories of interactions I had with gaming, but also the events that happened with the consoles. The PS3 reminds me of my dad because the console was burnt when he accidentally placed it above a fireplace.

The Arrow of Light retains my full time in the Boy Scouts, and the camping trips I went on. The cross necklace holds the memories of my long history with mountain christian church including my old small group that I spent a lot of time with.

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