Article by Remi Yeung | Owl Staff

Meet Owl Media’s Photographer, Sofia McCoy.

Fake news. Political bias. That is how most people feel about the way mainstream media operates in modern America. Sofia McCoy wants to change that by working towards a career in politics and government by majoring in Political Science.

McCoy accepted the position of Photographer in Owl Media in order to enhance her knowledge of politics in the media and how she can make unbiased pieces for publication as a young journalist.

McCoy states, “I want to see more young people in politics.”

“I’m not interested in writing, but I love talking to people. I want to focus on interviewing.”

McCoy joined Multimedia Journalism I to expand her skills in journalism for use in her future career. She has an interest in interviewing more than writing, but she was excited to learn new skills in each area of journalism.

“I’m not interested in writing, but I love talking to people. I want to focus on interviewing,” McCoy says.

McCoy wants to use the skills she learned in Multimedia Journalism I to follow her career path and go into media publication to bring as much unbiased reporting to the news as she can. She believes that there are not many unbiased pieces in the media and that taking this class can help enhance her chances of producing the unbiased pieces she wants to see in the media.

“I want to build my way up.” She believes she can accomplish this from the knowledge and skills learned while being a part of Owl Media.

 McCoy’s passion for political science is clear, she wants to have a voice and to make an impact on the media’s approach to politics.

Look forward to more from McCoy and the rest of the Owl Staff!

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