Article by Angelina Lee | Owl Staff

The pen is mightier than the sword, or in this case a hammer. Luke Teigue is a recent addition to Owl Magazine as a video editor. Teigue was a 2020 graduate from the construction area of Harford Technical High School.

Teigue, at first, did not intend on joining the publication. However, after enjoying the Introduction to Multimedia courses, he wanted to be a part of the staff. Teigue enjoys being with the magazine because he can edit videos, with which he has had some experience in the past.

Teigue states that his favorite piece he worked on was Owl Magazine’s upcoming segment on a pig rescue. Teigue was there primarily to shoot the B-roll for the video and really enjoyed the experience.

“It was a fun experience being around pigs and there was a duck,” Teigue states. “I think there was [also] a pony.”

While Teigue did not understand much regarding video editing when he first joined the staff, he is now more comfortable with video editing and has a better comprehension of it.

“I think the main problems I have faced thus far,” states Teigue. “Have mainly been concerning video editing.”

Teigue likes working for the publication because he gets to discover and learn about different viewpoints and cultures. From his time on the staff, Teigue has developed an admiration for Owl Magazine alum, Matt Hubbard.

“Matt is the kind of person,” Teigue states. “That would go in and put himself in danger just to get a good story.”

Teigue is working on establishing a podcast, website as well as networking. After graduating from Harford Community College, Teigue is considering attending Towson University. However, he is currently undecided, but excited to see what comes next.

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