Article by Luke Teigue | Owl Staff

After graduating high school, there are many paths one can take. Some may go into the work force, and others may go to a university. For Angelina Lee, it was becoming a staff member for Owl Magazine. Like many other staff members, Lee credits her professor Claudia Brown for piquing her interest in journalism.

“I found a few classes and really enjoyed the intro class I had with Claudia,” Lee states. “So, I went further down the journalism rabbit hole. I really liked how you can tell a story and express yourself through writing.”

Lee has enjoyed writing since she was young and even won an award for a short story writing contest in seventh grade. After graduating from Harford Technical High School, she moved on to Harford Community College, where she joined Owl Magazine staff.

Unlike a writing contest however, Owl Magazine takes advantage of more outlets besides literature. Video production, photography, and reporting are all a part of the process. Although Lee first saw this as a challenge, she looks forward to progressing in her journalism career.

“Right now, I haven’t learned much of the other things that I’d like to, I just haven’t yet. I only like writing so much because I haven’t learned much else.”

Something that caught Lee’s attention when joining the magazine staff was how messages can be conveyed differently with different story-telling methods.

“I found the most effective method of journalism would be video journalism.” Lee continues, “In writing, you can talk about struggles and whatever topic you’re talking about, but in video, it can show your audience and convey the emotion you’re trying to show.”

Lee would like to encourage anyone who is interested in journalism to go for it and to give it their all!

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