Article by Cayden Hagy | Owl Staff

Meet Megan Newsome, a Mass Communications major who has been an Owl Magazine staff member for a few years. As a staff member, Newsome brings her experience in video editing, recording, and interviewing among other skills associated within the field of communications.

“Although I don’t plan on using all of these skills in my dream job,” Newsome states. “I still will have them to fall back on if need be.” Social media has been an interest in Megan’s life and is something that she is currently using and planning to use in her career.

“After HCC, I plan on working. I want to work in the automotive industry and to run digital social media pages for them,” states Newsome. Outside of academics, Newsome indulges herself in the automotive industry. In her free time, Newsome enjoys going to watch rally racing and driving cars.

“I love everything about cars, I like driving them and working on them,” Newsome states. “A little fun fact about me is that I know how to drive a stick-shift.”

Mixing her two passions into one job, Newsome is all for learning the different ways to make engaging and creative content on social media. A hard worker who lightens the mood of the room every time she walks into it, Newsome continues to positively contribute to the magazine’s staff.

Be sure to look out for Newsome’s upcoming media package about a tattoo artist’s journey to relieving their PTSD from serving in the military!

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