By Rapheal Balagot Photography by Matt Hubbard | Owl Staff

As he is finishing his last year at HCC, Nate McRoberts is interning for the Owl Magazine.

He is hoping to pursue his career in sports writing or videography.

“I did a music theory class during one of my semesters and didn’t end up liking it. I tried taking a journalism course and it turned out something that slowly grew interest,” said McRoberts. “As being an intern, I’m looking forward to work with Owl Magazine to apply and learn new skills along with what I know.”

A contribution to McRoberts’s growing interest in journalism comes from his uncle who is a sports journalist for the Aegis.

“It is an inspiration to have family in the field that I want to get into,” McRoberts said.

In hopes of pursuing his career, McRoberts is planning to transfer to Towson University following his internship to focus his path in sports media as he still wants to be involved with Owl Magazine later on.

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