By Nate McRoberts Photography by Matt Hubbard | Owl Staff

Rapheal Balagot, a returning HCC student, is now an intern at Owl Magazine for the fall semester. 

Rapheal is majoring in Mass Communications, Production/Announcing. Rapheal has his sights on finishing his degree. After college, Rapheal is looking to seek a job in the live media industry and is hoping to join a media company as a video producer. 

Rapheal said, “I’m focusing on finishing my degree first, and then just go from there.” 

Rapheal hopes to gain relevant experience in video production from the Owl Magazine Internship to put him in a better spot for the job he is looking for. Video work is his main focus in the field and he hopes he can take something away from this internship that will improve his skills with video producing. 

“I am looking to work in video production,” said Rapheal. “That is where I tend to strive and feel I can make the greatest impact.” 

Rapheal took a semester off from HCC in the midst of the pandemic, but he is excited to be back and looks forward to completing his degree here at HCC.

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