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Meet Owl Media Content Advisor Stephanie Perkins!

Hi! I’m Stephanie Perkins, the current Content Advisor for Owl Media.

I was first involved with the publication in 2010 when it was originally The Harford Owl. I held many positions over my years on staff from Managing Editor to Chief of Production, and I have more recently been involved with Owl Media’s Alumni Board.

Watching the publication transform over the last decade from a student newspaper to the award-winning media platform it is today has been an absolute blessing. The universe has aligned in such a way where I was able to return in this supporting role, and I am excited to share my years of experience with this semester’s staff.

If you’re looking for a new experience on campus or have been on the fence about joining Owl Media, there is no better time to get involved. On top of the practical media experience from writing to videography, you have a chance to share ideas and truly collaborate with other students on campus.

Even if you’re not planning a future in journalism or media(like I wasn’t), I encourage you to stop by and see what we’re all about. The experiences I had on staff have enriched various parts of my life, and I am grateful to still call some of my former staff members my friends.

Not sure where to start? Contact Advisors Brianna Skrivanek and Brendan Flanagan at

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