Photography by Kadelena Messiano Owl Staff

The Oxymorrons may have been the opening act for Grandson, but they quickly stole the show after getting the entire crowd at the sold-out concert to sing along to their hit song Pretty People.
Local Baltimore band, The Luvable Idiots hit Soundstage for March Madness this past weekend. The Luvable Idiots was one out of eight local bands that performed that night!
Royal & The Serpent was a total hit at Baltimore’s sold-out show. Royal was handed over two dozen red roses and several personal notes by her adoring fans that night.
Sammy Rae & Her Friends are not only known for their soul-rock songs, but also for their iconic facial expressions while performing. James Quinlan does not hold back!
This past weekend was Grandson’s first time ever performing in Baltimore. He says that this was his loudest concert yet and he can’t wait to return for another show in the future.

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