Photography by Jennie Hall-Frantz | Owl Staff

Havre De Grace is one of the oldest American small towns since the nation won its independence.

The community comes together in a drum circle to make music and enjoy one another’s company.

“First Fridays” is an event that runs from May to October, where people from all around the community come to enjoy local festivities.

The Susquehanna River is a great spot for fishing and nautical sightseeing.

Concord Point Coffee is a great place for delicious and invigorating coffee.

The waning sun blankets the Susquehanna in a faint orange light.

Linnea Tober welcomes all to HAVEN, a local wellness and homeopathy center.

Purple is a color that evokes calm emotions, and is conducive to a relaxing, homeopathic environment.

One of many riverside docks that provide scenic views of the water and horizon.

Havre De Grace was once an important port destination, and its lighthouse is now a local historic landmark.

Not only is Havre De Grace a historic town, but it is also a hub for local artists, such as Thomas Sterner, who created this sculpture.

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