Article by John Morin | Owl Staff

Hi! I’m John Morin, the current Technical Advisor for Owl Magazine.

I first joined HCC’s student publication, then called The Harford Owl, in 2010. During my time on staff, I took on a variety of roles: writer, photographer, and Features Editor, to name a few.

After graduating, I remained a part of the Owl community as an alumni advisor, mentor, Adjunct Professor and guest lecturer.

After all these years, it’s been a joy and a privilege to watch the publication evolve from a newspaper to glossy magazine, and very soon, into our new online platform: Owl Media.

With a fresh semester just beginning, and our Owl Media launch on the horizon, I want to send an open invitation to our students to join the Owl staff.

Here are a few reasons this might interest you:

1. Earn practical and technical hands-on experience in writing, editing, photography, videography and design which will look great on your CV (I landed my first journalism job because of my work with the Owl)!

2. Go on Journalism Club funded trips to attend conferences and cover events.

3. Make friends and become a part of a community of passionate and interesting individuals.

4. Follow your creative pursuits and share your ideas to further develop and expand on the Owl Media brand.

5. Make a difference by being a voice for truth and fairness in reporting during a time when both have been questioned.

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