By Melanie Hoang | Owl Staff

Since she first enrolled at HCC, D’Asya Nelson has been a member of Owl Magazine’s staff with hopes of pursuing a career in videography and on-air reporting. 

“My experience with Owl Magazine has been great,” states Nelson. “I have learned so much and [I’ve been] given multiple opportunities to grow. There were some difficult times while working and being a part of the group but overall, it has been nothing but amazing.”

In her junior year of high school, Nelson sparked her interest in media by taking an elective class in journalism. When she entered her first semester at HCC, she took Introduction to Journalism and heard about Owl Magazine through Professor Brown.

“I told her what my goals were for my career,” Nelson states. “Claudia kind of took me under her wing, told me about [the magazine] and then just helped me along the way.” 

Throughout her time on the staff, Nelson has been involved in many roles including on-air reporting, videography, and even writing articles for the magazine.

“My favorite piece of writing would be my article, ‘Dancing Through Life,’ published in the Feel Good issue,” states Nelson. “It was the first article I wrote for Owl Magazine, and I feel like it really tells my story of who I am.”  

In the future, Nelson plans on having multiple careers, including one with the media doing on-air reporting, running a nail business, and dancing.

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