By Nivvea Campbell and Nomalizo Smothers | Owl Staff

Meet Matt Hubbard, the Technical Advisor at Owl Magazine who has worked on
staff in various roles for the past three years and graduated with his degree in Journalism/New Media from HCC. 

Hubbard has covered many breaking news stories, which gained him national recognition and a scholarship at Towson University. “I’m a firm believer that you can change the world with a story,” Hubbard says.

Some of Hubbard’s news coverage consists of the January 6th Capitol Riot (which earned him the scholarship at Towson), the Million MAGA March, and the 2020 March on Washington.

One story that impacted Hubbard the most was the family of five who were attacked at a rally for supporting their political party of choice.

“It’s traumatizing,” says Hubbard. “You are a fly on a wall!” In this instance, he means being unnoticed and feeling helpless while witnessing something tragic. Hubbard got involved with journalism because he wanted to be hands-on, and the only way he could do that was to be a part of it.

His initial role with the Magazine was as a writer/reporter; however, it wasn’t long before he also became a staff photographer and videographer. Hubbard’s journalistic style is diverse as he focuses on social injustices and politics. He enjoys telling stories and shares the importance of taking one’s opinion out of journalism.

“I hope to change the world through people’s perspective,” Hubbard shares. “Personal opinions do not matter; being a journalist means covering stories and getting facts.”

Hubbard adds, “In dangerous situations, the perspective of safety goes out the window because the danger is the story.”

Hubbard enjoys the pre-planning and logistics of an assignment with Owl Magazine and works to achieve his goals as an honest journalist.

He explains that his goal is “to live ethically, morally and straight as possible to be a credible journalist.” His aspirations are to be a teacher and advisor for students who, like himself, aspire to one day be journalists.

“I want to help change somebody’s life,” he says. 

Hubbard understands the importance of being authentic and showing people there is a life beyond their own, which is why he is choosing to be purposeful about his work. With the platform he has been given, Hubbard is on his way to changing the world through people’s perspectives.

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