Article and Photography by Samantha Cox | Owl Staff

Having to adapt to curfews, quarantining, losing jobs, face coverings, and sick loved ones, Covid-19 has certainly made an impact on the world in such a short time. With all of the negative things going on, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and adapt to the constant changes.

Musician, Christian Knill, is no stranger to the setbacks from the coronavirus. When quarantine first began, Knill found himself losing his job and struggling to acclimate to the new “normal” Covid-19 brought to the world.

With the pandemic seemingly coming to an end, during this time Knill feels like he has learned the importance of solitude and being alone.

“The pandemic definitely changed the way I look at isolation,” Knill said. “It can be good for reflection.”

Knill is looking forward most to going to concerts again and getting to see live music. He does not feel like this pandemic has left a significant impact on his future.

“People will always adapt and move forward,” Knill states.

Knill is an extremely adventurous guy who loves to spend his time being outside and finding new places whether it is with a friend or just by himself. Keeping himself busy by discovering new beaches and cities and traveling to different states, he has shown that it is very possible to find peace and beauty in a time that feels so hectic.

In Knill’s free time, he loves to create music with friends. Knill is currently focusing on audio production, photography, videography, and has even released a few songs with more on the way. Knill has had no trouble keeping himself occupied and fulfilled, dedicating time to focus on himself.

“People will always adapt and move forward.”

Christian Knill

Covid-19 has shown how quickly life can change and the importance of acclimating to the circumstances, though they may not be ideal, because no one can predict the future. Remaining calm and focusing on oneself as well as staying true to a one’s passions and hobbies can feel hard, but it’s not impossible.

It’s important to remember the good things in life and enjoy them, even during a pandemic. Knill’s resilience and dedication to his hobbies will help him serve as an inspiration, even through life’s setbacks. Knill is determined to not let anything, even a pandemic, get in the way of his destiny.

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