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For lunch time, you can grab a Cajun chicken. caesar salad for just $7.95.

Fisherman’s Catch is a restaurant that isn’t really flashy or large but has a comfortable family atmosphere with quality food that is affordable and will keep you coming back for more. Located at 1 Maurice Drive in Forest Hill, Maryland and connected to the Forest Hill Bowling Alley, is the one and only Fisherman’s Catch.

The menu has a huge variety of grilled seafood, salads, burgers, soups, crab cakes, appetizers, and a great New York strip and Prime Rib, all at affordable prices. The entire menu has the option of being Cajun, which I strongly recommend. The Cajun spices really add to the overall flavor and make the taste very original. The King Cut 16 oz. Cajun Prime Rib with 2 sides is just $17.95. The prime rib is a soft and tender piece of meat that is cooked in Au Jus and marinated in Cajun spice. Once you try the dish Cajun-style, you will never order without it.

“Great food, great service, cheap prices! Everything that I have ever gotten there has been absolutely amazing!”

The King Cut is thick and comes on its own plate with the sauce and Cajun spices on it. I recommend the baked potato and Cae-sar salad as the two sides, but there are plenty of other options. Fisherman’s Catch will bring your salad out before the main dish, which starts off the meal nicely, and the baked potato is a delicious side with a great piece of steak.

Located in Forest Hill Lanes Bowling Alley, Fisherman’s Catch offers a family atmosphere with affordable quality food.

Heather from Bel Air says the place offers, “Great food, great service, [and] cheap prices! Where else are you going to find a crab cake and 2 sides for $10.95? Everything that I have ever gotten there has been absolutely amazing!”

The crab cakes are amazing and loaded with backfin. I recommend fries and a house salad with this meal, but there are a variety of options to satisfy your taste buds. Though they offer a limited menu on Mother’s Day, Fisherman’s Catch sold a phenomenal 482 crab cakes that day. Local and family-friendly, Fisherman’s Catch shares a menu that can suit everyone’s tastes. Check out Fisherman’s Catch, and you won’t be disappointed.

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