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Young Love is the newest release from artist Mat Kearney. In 2006, Mat released Nothing Left to Lose, and in 2009, City of Black & White, which reached the top 15 on the Billboard Charts. His songs can be heard on Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, Friday Night Lights and many other popular shows. Mat Kearney combines a catchy atmosphere with a pop-rock, Top 40 kind of sound with real singer-songwriter personality and depth.

During a recent trip to “Live in the Vineyard” in Napa Valley, CA, I was introduced to many artists. Mat Kearney performed among the wine barrels of Trefethen Family Vineyards. His intimate performance of mainstream hits, “Nothing Left to Lose” and “Breathe In, Breathe Out” caught my attention and kept it there for the introduction of new songs from Young Love.

“The stories in Young Love are deeply personal yet relatable.”

The stories in Young Love are deeply personal yet relatable. “Rochester,” one of my favorites, is his father’s story and is reminiscent of a Bruce Springsteen song. “Seventeen” is a bonus track if downloaded on iTunes and is a coming-of-age story not to be missed. “Hey Mama,” which is about his newlywed wife, is the first single off of the album and an upbeat production, the perfect backdrop to Mat’s lyrics and soul.

Young Love is fun; the rhythms make you want to dance. Kearney’s voice is full of expression, and the lyrics are great. Young Love is just what it sounds like: a celebration of love and romance. There’s feeling in every song. You can reflect, you can daydream, and you can dance along to Young Love.

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