Article by Ruth Condro | Owl Staff

The new fitness center and arena will seat up to 3,500 people for stage events.

As the largest project in Harford Community College history, the Susquehanna Hall will be undergoing renovations much anticipated since the 2008/2009 school year. With the support of the state and county, this project now faces a full blast of construction and remodeling for the next year, estimating to cost approximately 26 million dollars. The students and staff can expect to see a full rebuilding of the current structure, a fifty to sixty percent larger fitness area, student lounge, and all new office spaces.

According to Tim Schneider, Coordinator for Fitness Center, Health, and Physical Education, the department is waiting to hear from the State about their equipment budget. Although there are no specifics about the number of exercise equipment for the gym, their goal is to increase the number of treadmills from the previous years.

Tim expressed his excitement for the new and expanded fitness center to being a “top notch facility” as he is looking forward to the finished product. Since the gym and fitness area is
closed, where will fitness classes be held? Classes including Fitness Maintenance and Weight Training are being offered at the Bel Air Athletic Club. Arrangements have been made for instructors to hold classes there and make use of the club’s opportunities.

Over the duration of the summer and during the construction of the new fitness center, the Owls athletic teams have held and will hold practices at HCPS buildings. Such teams include the men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and the men’s and women’s tennis.

The volleyball team will mostly use Harford Tech to host games, and varsity basketball will meet in the Center for Educational Opportunity in Aberdeen. For the tennis team specifically, the spring season will bring difficulty as they will need to find courts in good conditions for their matches and practices, expresses George Budelis, head of the men and women’s tennis teams.

Built in 1968, the Susquehanna Hall is the oldest building on campus without any renovations and will be able to host graduations, concerts, and be home to the Owls basketball and
volleyball teams.

“It will be the largest indoor space in Northern Maryland, especially in Harford and Cecil Counties,” says Ken Krsolvic, Athletics Director. Krsolvic adds, “It’s going to impact a lot of people and be a really, really good place to come.”

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