Article by D’Asya Nelson | Owl Staff

HCC Alumni Brandon Tavernier brought his DJ talents to the launch of Owl Media.

DJs, disc jockeys who play recorded music for an audience, have always been essential to events. Brandon Tavernier is an HCC alumni who DJs in his free time. He began producing music in 2015 after a friend introduced him to Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

Brandon says, “At first, I hated the music, but it wore off after hearing it played by him over time. When he stated he would start making the music, I said I would too, and the rest is history.” During his time at HCC, he could focus on schoolwork and his creative aspects during his free time. School and authority were never things he cared for, but he made the best of the situation and focused on what was necessary at that time.

Brandon is not a Full-time producer or DJ, but he still has a busy schedule and still manages to find time to practice his music craft. Brandon’s typical day consists of working his 9-5, going to Jiu-Jitsu practice or the gym. He also produces at night. During the week, he works side jobs to create more income for his music, whether for promotion, mastering and mixing services, or music equipment.

Specific industry-standard equipment is needed to be a DJ, such as Monitor speakers, mixers, Turntables, and more. Brandon is working and saving up to buy a new board and become more of an asset to promoters. Having the right connections and networking is an essential aspect of his artistry.

Tavernier with Claudia Brown in front of the DJ set celebrating the launch of Owl Media.

“I really love to produce, to create something from nothing, and watching it progress over time is fascinating to me.”

Though he does not DJ as much recently, he has been a DJ for various events. One was Owl Media’s sendoff to Owl magazine celebration. As well as at house parties, a bar, and a fraternity party in West Virginia.

In 5 years, Brandon hopes to see himself as a profitable independent artist living off music alone. His style is EDM House Music, specifically Deep House. The deep house genre of house music originated in the 1980s, fusing Chicago house with the sweeping chords of jazz-funk and touches of soul.

He says his favorite thing about being a DJ is “I really love to produce, to create something from nothing, and watching it progress over time is fascinating to me. I never know what the track will be or sound like, so it’s always awesome to see where it started and ended. In the end, it could be the track that changes your life, so savor each moment.”

Brandon says that the most challenging part about being a DJ is “keeping your sanity and remaining positive mentally. A lot of thoughts about what the future may look like, whether you’re doing the right things, and if you’re good enough for this field. Difficult side things include gaining connections, finding legit ways to promote yourself, and gaining organic reach through your music and content.”

Someone who may be pursuing this artistry should “have patience, be diligent, listen to their mind and body, surround themselves with the right people who have a positive mindset, and be as positive as possible because being an artist is an extremely hard and grueling thing to pursue,” according to Brandon. If you want to hear more about Brandon and listen to his music, you can visit his Instagram, “btav_music.” You can also listen to his music by searching “BTAV” on any music streaming service!

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