Article by Samantha Cox Owl Staff

Local musicians perform at the Bel Air Armory.

A crowd fills, lights go dark, the stage shines green and blue as the musicians start the show. The sounds of Vendetta’s electric guitars and drums fill the venue as the crowd dances throughout.

Vendetta, a local alternative rock band, headlined a project being orchestrated by Josiah Orsie and Daniel Cruz, who are both passionate about allowing local alternative artists a place to express themselves.

In Harford County, there is a rapidly developing alternative/rock music scene filled with young adults who have a desire to express themselves and make their mark on the community. This would not be possible without a passionate community of adults, talented musicians, and accommodating venues.

Orsie and Cruz started off by hosting open mic nights at Black Eyed Suzie’s. This was a “game changer” for Vendetta and ultimately drew in a following that could not get enough of their hit song “Chungus.” Unfortunately, local law enforcement shut down the use of drums because of the belief that loud noise could be affiliated with reckless behavior. Open mic nights are still hosted but have been acoustic ever since.

“A New Noise … gave a sense of friendship I never thought I’d have.”

Even with this setback, local rock/punk/metal/alternative musicians like Vendetta were not forgotten about. A New Noise became the local music scenes passion project and has been very important to Vendetta. It was also funded by the local bands in the Harford County community.

As described by Dominic Frontera Vendetta’s lead singer, A New Noise is “a community of people trying to accomplish a similar goal…it gave a sense of friendship I never thought I’d have.” He adds that it can have “tremendously positive impacts on the community… giving local musicians an outlet to play and express their music.”

The local music scene here in Harford County is filled with a warm and welcoming community of young adults and new bands like Vendetta. The concert at the armory drew a large crowd and local musicians, whether they were playing or not, who were filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

Vendetta is available on all streaming platforms and for more information on upcoming performances you can follow them at @vendetta_band_official. For information on booking for a concert sponsored by A New Noise you can message @thenewnoise on Instagram or reach out to Josiah Orsie or Daniel Cruz on Facebook. If you are a local musician yourself, do not be afraid to get involved!

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