By Cayden Hagy | Owl Staff

Since birth, my parents and I both knew that my destiny was going to have some roadblocks and hiccups. Now you might be wondering why or how my destiny would have roadblocks. My destiny from the day I was born was going to be different than most people because I was born with a non-functioning left lung.

This means that from the beginning to the end of my life I would be highly susceptible to illnesses and struggle with simple activities. I would have to be cautious of my surroundings and how I go about my life.

My mom is known for calling me a “bubble kid,” referring to how cautious I would have to be and joke around with how I was like a bubble.

“Get too close,” She would say. “And he could pop, having a full-on asthma attack.”

Throughout my academic career, I struggled with attendance and being able to stay healthy enough to even make it to the building. With this being an issue, I spent a few years getting homeschooled in high school. School was hard enough already for me to keep up but with a pandemic hitting in the end of my senior year of high school, my education became even more challenging.

Just when I thought I could start a new journey with school and start fresh at college, a pandemic hits the world and my destiny of going to college would be put on halt. My dream of starting a new path in academics and having my lung condition in a somewhat controllable state could possibly now be in danger.

“My mom is known for calling me a ‘bubble kid,’ referring to how cautious I would have to be and joke around with how I was like a bubble.”

I remember sitting down with my mother and talking about what was going to happen for me with college.

“I do want you guys to go to college,” She said to me. “And to get the experience you would get there. But college will always be there for you. I don’t want you guys paying that price for school if you can’t even attend it.”

Considering my mom’s advice, my lung condition, and a raging virus, I needed to decide how my destiny of going to college would change.

Harford Community College was a beacon of hope for me and my academic aspirations. They offered a two-year college experience for me for an affordable price and a safer environment for me compared to my other options. With these offers in mind, it led to me ultimately choosing to attend HCC, not only for my academics, but also for my safety and health.

With the pandemic altering so many of our lives and destinies, mine ultimately changed, but for the better and redirected me down a better path for me and my lung condition. My plans were altered, but will not stop me from living my destiny.

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