Article and Photography by Matt Hubbard | Owl Staff

Not a single person went into this parking garage during the protests.

The police line was at the opening of the intersection as I made my way into the garage to get the classic “overlook shot”.

On my way in, I spoke with the owner of the garage and he said I was allowed to go up and take a photo then leave.

I made my way to the fifth story, took a photo, wasn’t as good as I wanted it so I made my way down to the second floor.

“MOVE. MOVE. MOVE. MOVE. MOVE” was what I heard as I made my way to the opening on the second floor. I look down, and sure enough the police line is now blocking the original entrance I came in from.

Not a big deal. So I take my first photo and notice motion blur… What the hell is that. As I look up from my camera, I see one officer pointing up at me to his commander, next thing I know, a rubber bullet rifle is aimed at me. My hands were quick to go up as I showed them all I had was a camera.

The commander then pulls over three of his men, points up at me, and they come running into the building. This was the last image I took before evacuating out of the south exit onto Fayette street where there was absolutely no protestors or police.

The officers searched the building and then shut it down.

The picture was worth it.

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