Article by Erin McEvoy | Photography by Eric Walther | Owl Staff

Hidden in the heart of Bel Air, guests explore cultural traditions from the other side of the globe at Tea by Two. The pristine white walls of the tearoom are decorated with a variety of teacups. The tearoom also offers a boutique-like gift shop that has a wide variety of goods.

“Presentation is key,” employee Vanessa DeBoard says. “If you ask any of our customers, we are confident they would say we nailed it.”

This tearoom experience makes you feel as if you are in downtown London rather than downtown Bel Air. With limited seating available, making a reservation is suggested when planning a visit.

Since opening their doors in 2001, owners Erin Bradley and Janet Meyers have done an excellent job at captivating the British experience. Traditionally, high tea is served at 11a.m., but you are welcome to make reservations Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

To enjoy the full experience, I suggest ordering the High Tea. This option charges $22.99 per person and includes unlimited tea, a soup or salad for each person, and a tower of sandwiches and sweets to share.

With sixty different tea options, every person is given a wide variety to choose a unique flavor. From black teas, green teas, and everything in between, each guest is sure to find a tea they love. My personal favorite is “French Toast,” a black tea with maple and brown sugar.

Next, you will be served a tower of goodies which starts off with my favorite snack, freshly made scones. After adding some sweet cream spread, it is a treat so good that one could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“With sixty different tea options, every person is given a wide variety to choose a unique flavor.”

What makes Tea by Two different from the average restaurant? Employee Jordan Williams says, “We change our scone flavor and sandwiches about every week, so you’re sure to have a different, delicious, experience every time.”

The remaining items are a balance between sweet and salty options. This includes small bite size cucumber sandwiches or ham spread sandwiches, lemon cake, and other recipes that are rotated throughout the seasons.

No matter your age, the dining experience offered at Tea by Two is exciting and unique. It is easy to make any trip here into a fun tradition to be enjoyed with friends and family.

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