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Whether you are backpacking across a mountainous terrain or exploring the old cobble stone roads of Europe, for some of us, style is a must. We spoke with avid explorers willing to share their tried-and-true travel tips on how to stay stylish while on the go.

Being fashionable while exploring comes with challenges, but it is not impossible. The everyday commodities of your home, such as a washer and dryer, sometimes are not available. Nonki Skeef of London shares a solution: “If you’re traveling light for a long backpacking trip, pack clothes that you can hand wash easily and that are versatile.”

Skeef also adds, “Think of thinks you’re not going to get sick of seeing yourself in, otherwise you will drive yourself and your travel companions crazy!”

“With no more than a 12kg backpack,” Stephanie Van Nguyen of Australia explains, “staying stylish is less about beauty and fashion and more about adapting my personal style to the country I am visiting.”

Preston Justice, an American, agrees: “The key to being stylish while traveling are the cheap night markets in many Asian countries or various cheap hipster store chains around the globe, such as Uniglo in Japan.”

Comfort and style can be hard to obtain, but Nguyen explains that she keeps the clothing “simple and normal” to her everyday wear. “Change [your outfits] up with different accessories like scarves and local fashion items that are picked up or exchanged along the way, be that from markets or hostel buddies.”

“Change [your outfits] up with different accessories like scarves and local fashion items … from markets or hostel buddies.”

Christie Hurley from Baltimore shares, “My tip for females is to wear dresses because they don’t take up a lot of space and only one item of clothing to get dirty at a time.”

“If I am camping I don’t bring any make up, just face wipes and lotion. If I am traveling around Europe, for example, I will bring my must-have make up items: foundation, concealer, and mascara” Hurley explains.

“For me,” Nguyen says, “keeping stylish is about staying true to who I am while I am traveling and expression my style in a fun, creative, and culturally appropriate way.”

“Mascara and one trusty stick of lipstick are an essential pack- not to wear everyday,” Nguyen adds, “ but mostly to brighten my tired face on those days where I feel like my face is scaring small children.”

Wearing appropriate shoes for the occasion will enable you to enjoy your trip. “If I know I am going to be hiking, I’ll bring hiking shoes,” Hurley explains. “I never bring heels because most of the time you never know what you’re getting into, so you want day to night shoes anyways.”

Whether hiking or strolling foreign streets, these travelers suggest wearing versatile shoes and dressing in comfortable, appropriate layers.

Nguyen adds her final advice, “Keep a smile on your face…it will compliment any outfit you wear.”

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