Article by Georgina Cammayo | Photography by Neil Harman | Owl Staff

Before mega cosmetic outlets like Ulta and Sephora existed, there was the grocery store.

While trusted (and chemically processed) beauty products are within your comfort zone, cheaper and healthier alternatives could be lurking in your own kitchen.

If you like experimenting with makeup, you are most likely to own a makeup remover as well. Coconut oil makes an excellent substitute to alcohol-based removers because it “solubilizes or breaks up water- resistant substances,” according to cosmetic chemist Joseph Cincotta in an interview with Allure magazine.

Its vitamin E and fatty acid content also makes it a great moisturizer. So, not only does this organic makeup remover give you the freedom to experiment with multiple variations of the smoky eye, but it will also leave your skin soft, smooth and younger-looking.

“Why not concoct a natural beauty remedy that works best for you?”

While strawberry flavored toothpastes are meant to make brushing teeth more enjoyable for kids, vitamin C rich strawberries are in fact beneficial for dental care. Brushing your teeth vigorously with mashed strawberries once a week helps get rid of plaque, stains, and can reduce yellowing.

Before you throw away overripe bananas, consider using them as an alternative to store-bought shaving cream. Mashed up bananas (filled with vitamin A and potassium) mixed with water can result in smooth, moisturized, and sweet-smelling skin!

Why not concoct a natural beauty remedy that works best for you?

In the produce aisle at your nearest grocery store, you may discover that combining food items with assorted nutrients yield more health benefits and even better results than your current go-to beauty product.

Keep in mind that while most of these items are natural, we all have different skin and body types.

Research and check with your doctor to make sure that you are not allergic to certain food items before experimenting on your own.

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