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Fruity Pebbles, S’mores, French Toast, and Maple Bacon are just a handful of the tasty and unusual flavors that can be found at Paradise Donuts in Bel Air. Once you step inside the shop you will be greeted by a tropical surf theme that is reminiscent of a beautiful summer day at the beach. The next thing that may catch your eye is the plethora of assorted donuts, coupled with a variety of mixed pastries.

Ranging from 89¢ to $1.19 (plus tax), the donut varieties are quite enticing. Upon my visit I discovered the delicious dynamic duo of chilled milk and a Coco Pebbles flavored donut – a great combo for a Coco Pebbles lover on the go.

“It took three visits just to be able to get a donut from this shop because of how busy they are and how quickly they sell out,” says customer James David. “I was in paradise after one bite, so the donuts live up to their name!” The pastries are $1.59 with flavors ranging from the traditional Cinnamon Bun to an inviting Apple Strudel. Sausage breakfast sandwiches made from unsweetened donut dough can be found for $1.99 as well.

To wash it all down, you may pick from a selection of freshly brewed coffee, frozen drinks, water, soda, juice, and milk, all ranging from about $1 to $2 depending on the size and drink.

All of the donuts are made fresh each day. The remaining donuts, if any, are then given to homeless shelters. Whether you like donuts or not, Paradise Donuts offers a treat that everyone can enjoy.

Sculpting Sammy Sprinkles:

Meet Sammy Sprinkles. He is a seven-foot yellow donut. Created by HCC student Joshua Finch, Sammy Sprinkles welcomes customers to Paradise Donuts in Bel Air.

Finch has created other large sculptures including a three-foot octopus tentacle that was featured in the Harford Community College art exhibit. When Art instructor Jim McFarland was asked to find a student for the donut sculpture, Finch was one of the first that came to mind.

“Josh is a creative, intelligent and hardworking art student who likes challenges,” said McFarland. “I knew that if Josh talked to the owner and decided to pursue the project, he would figure out all of the problems – design, material and logistical – and complete the project for the client,” McFarland adds.

Finch began construction in April 2014 and used a variety of substances including metal, paper mache, cardboard, and fiberglass to complete Sammy Sprinkles about two months later. Finch states that he has future plans for a three-foot metal Pegasus sculpture in Palm Beach, Florida. He aspires to continue a career in making a variety of artistic sculptures as he goes along.

Finch intends to pass down the experience and knowledge he accrues from working as a sculpture to coming generations of aspiring artists.

“I thank all the people that help me go forward to achieve my dreams and effect the world with a positive influence through my art,” shares Finch.

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