Article by Becca McLhinney | Photography by Grayson Karr | Owl Staff

I spent many of my summers at the Ball Park. Camden Yards is probably the first place that comes to mind, but I mean the Ball Park Restaurant. This cozy restaurant decked out in Orioles memorabilia is located in Street, Maryland on Conowingo Road. If you’re looking for a comfortable, “everybody knows your name” type of atmosphere, then this place is perfect for you.

There is a wide variety of diner fare you can choose from, such as hot sandwiches, meatloaf, burgers, and subs. They also serve crab cakes, steaks, and even a simple hotdog. The prices of most of their entrees range from $5.75 to $15.75, with the most expensive item being their steak.

I had the privilege to indulge in their house specialty, which was cream of crab soup, and a hot meatloaf sandwich with mashed potatoes. The cream of crab soup was creamy without overdoing it, with large lumps of crab meat throughout, topped off with spicy Old Bay.

As the waitress brought out the hot meatloaf sandwich smothered in gravy, I could see the steam rising from the plate. Each bite was savory and filled with flavor; the mashed potatoes were whipped to perfection. The entire thing was a melt-in-my-mouth favorite.

“This cozy restaurant decked out in Orioles memorabilia is located in Street, Maryland…”

Although more than satisfied with the generous portions of my entrée, I was determined to investigate the dessert menu. When asked about what desserts they had, the waitress named nine different treats: apple pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, pecan pie, apple turnover, cheesecake, bread pudding, and ice cream, all ranging from $4.00 to $8.00.

I decided to sample the classic apple pie. The outside was a flaky, homemade crust, just like the kind your grandmother would make. The inside was moist and filled with fresh, juicy apple slices, with a pinch of cinnamon giving it that distinct flavor.

As for the history of Ball Park, the restaurant got its name from the property on which it was built. From 1920 to 1946, it was once a baseball field used by the Susquehanna Semi- Professional Baseball League.

The current owner, Joy Frederick, purchased Ball Park Restaurant on July 29, 1989. She decided to “keep the spirit of baseball alive within the restaurant by lining the walls with bits and pieces of baseball memorabilia.”

While I was dining here, I couldn’t help but notice the restaurant was filled with locals. The waitresses knew everyone by name and ordered them their “usual.”

If you’re looking for a quality, home-cooked meal with great service and friendly faces, make sure to stop by Ball Park Restaurant because it surely is a catch.

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