Article by John Morin | Owl Staff

Through a kaleidoscope of colors, original documentary footage, and voice-over commentary, The Magic Trip thusts the viewer into the world of the cross-country roadtrip that defined a generation.

Ken Kesey, best known for such critically acclaimed works as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, leads a ragtag group of individuals on a quest of self-discovery and enlightenment. The trip began at a time when there was a feeling of a loss of innocence, especially after the assassination of President Kennedy. Kesey hoped to experience and see what was real in life by traveling through America’s “landscape and heartscape.”

What follows is a rollicking, drug-riddled, poignant look at society’s expectations and the human experience.

Aside from an array of colorful anecdotes—including an LSD-fueled swamp march and a member being put under psychiatric surveillance—the film also points out some interesting historical facts, such as the CIA’s active role in recruiting individuals for LSD experiments.

Be provoked, be inspired, and have fun aboard the bus Further (a.k.a. Furthur) with this “eccentric, multicolored circus.”

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