By Gary Matthews | Owl Staff

I’ve seen you before
But I don’t know where
Wasn’t it you one day that was doing some hair
Wasn’t it you that walked by me outside of the store
It must be you the girl that I simply adore
I don’t know what to think
Am I losing my mind
What do I do if I see her time after time
She seems too real to just be inside of my mind
If I could just get a sign
If only I could make her mine
I bought flowers just for you
I would love to sit down and talk to you
Just for a little while
Just so I can see you smile
It’s deja vu every time I see you
Love is what I’m falling into
It was you in a dream I once had
All of my dreams seem so real
But in this one there’s things I can feel
From the softness of your lips to the warmth of your thighs Girl you make me melt inside
This must be real
That’s why I can feel
My heart beats faster every time we speak
Nervous so my knees get weak
You gave me a new fear
Don’t want to lose this bliss
But when we get too close you disappear


By Kelli Epps | Owl Staff

What grinds my gears are people with insane amounts of bumper stickers on their car. I think sitting behind one of those at a red light is more dangerous than texting and driving.
Are they really expecting people to
read all of them and be happy you’ve
projected your family and beliefs to the
world through the stickers on your car?
The ones that bother me most are the
happy family stick figure stickers with
the mom, dad, four kids, newborn baby,
two dogs and a cat, which I have seen
on a van in a drive-thru McDonalds
On familystickers.com the start rate
per sticker for a basic family sticker is
$2.99. So for my happy family I want
to advertise to the world on the back of
my car, I would be spending a total of
$29.90; and with the standard shipping
price of $5.95 comes to my grand total
ot $35.85, OR it you want them sent on
a rush deliver and spend $32.00, you
could waste a grand total of $61.90.
That’s just a little too much to
spend on stickers when that money
could he used towards something
more important, like gas for your car.

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