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I was searching for that one most desirable thing: love at first sight, with a story. I had writer’s block. That’s right I was looking all over for a story for this spring issue.

It got me thinking about it all, you know, love at first sight.” Can that even happen anymore? It seems that even if there were some instant sparks, the two strangers would never interact; but then again, maybe it’s just one of those cosmic things that happen.

I mean, when is the last time you remember a complete stranger coming up and shootin’ the breeze? It seems we are all glued to our phones, blocking out the world with our iPods, or hanging out with our regular and familiar group of friends.

“Significant things happen when we talk to strangers.”

However, stranger interactions are important. In fact, according to writer K1o Stark, the e initial reactions are crucial in a functioning society. Stark states that “significant thing happen when we talk to strangers: we’re interrupting the expected narratives of daily life, shifting perspective, forming unexpected connections.”

Honestly, how would the world go round if nobody talked to a stranger? The way strangers meet is important; it is explained by Uncertainty Reduction Theory.

According to Wikipedia, (sorry Professor Gant) “The scope of the theory is narrowed down to rest on the premise that strangers, upon meeting, go through certain steps and checkpoints in order to reduce uncertainty about each other and form an idea of whether one likes or dislikes the other.”

And this makes sense, doesn’t it? When we interact or meet someone unknown to us, we go through the normal handshake, head nod, or hand-kiss for the ladies. It is clear to see how important that first interaction can be. Don’t take these “checkpoints” for more than what they are.

As I am reading in Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, from the view of the gorilla, everyone on Earth is an animal. Animals normally interact without thinking about it; they just do it. It seems the human race, in general, has gotten away from that.

Don’t be scared of strangers; be sure to live life to the fullest and don’t take those opportunities for granted. Just something to chew on while you are jamming out in your car, or maybe we can all just go talk to that guy or that girl and Uncertainty Reduction Theory can take it from there.

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“A big impact. I hate texting, but
love Facebook; although, I feel like social
networking has taken over people’s lives.”

Dave Panzer, General Studies

“With my iPhone, I can text and stay organized without even having to move.”

JT Fox, CADD Major

Since I have traveled to Peru, Ecuador and Scotland, I love technology. It makes everyone I have met very accessible and easy to talk to.”

Kirsten Beam, HCC Student

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