Article by Emma Prince | Owl Staff

If you have been looking for a new Italian restaurant that’s not the same old Olive Garden chain, look no further than Enotria Restaurant & Grill. Enotria is located just off of Route 24 in Forest Hill, but once you go inside, you are transported to a rustic Italian countryside.

The ceilings are high wooden structures, the walls display warm and welcoming colors, and the restaurant smells of aromatic sauces and bread.

As soon as you are seated, they start bringing out the food. Rolls are brought fresh out of the oven to enjoy while you marvel at the menu full of Italian specialties. At Enotria, you can enjoy pasta dishes, salads, seafood, chicken dishes, veal, soups, and a few desserts. I have to say, it’s difficult to commit to just one dish, and they all cost under twenty dollars.

I have always chosen pasta dishes like cheese ravioli and baked ziti. These dishes are delicious, and the portions are huge which means tasty leftovers for lunch the next day.

Everything I have ever eaten there has been delectable and the atmosphere is very inviting. My boyfriend and I went to Enotria for our first date and it continues to be our go-to Italian restaurant.

I definitely recommend checking this restaurant out any night of the week.

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